Wacky Beat-Em-Up “Trio The Punch” is the next name of the arcade archive


The next entry in the “Arcade Archives” lineup has been announced. Arcade Archives Trio the Punch launches on Switch tomorrow (May 19) for the standard price of $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29.

Originally released in 1990 by Data East, the game is a beat-em-up side-scrolling game where you choose from three playable characters: Tough Guy, Ninja, and Swordsman. You will navigate through a variety of environments including rainforest, urban cities, Middle Eastern desert, medieval Japan, and a futuristic military base.

Known for its somewhat wacky aesthetic, part of the game sees you encounter “Birdbrain”, a character that looks suspiciously like Colonel Sanders.

Will you be buying Trio the Punch on Switch? Share your thoughts on the release in the comments below.

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