“Vocal 2D Platformer” One-handed Applause Warms Up Before Switch Release

If we say “a 2D puzzle platformer appears in the online store”, we understand that the answer will be yes, along with a hundred others… But Clap tends to be a little different when it arrives December 14 when you solve puzzles by singing, the pitch of your voice plays a key role.

It’s an interesting idea, and of course you’ll need a microphone and headphones to play, so a Switch compatible headset is probably best suited. The game also promises that you don’t necessarily need a strong singing voice to play.

This extremely unique game gives you the freedom to express yourself through its mechanics, helping you gain confidence in both your singing voice and the voice within you. Don’t worry about wrong notes, One Hand Clapping is all about taking risks and learning from your mistakes. Find out how far your voice can take you!

The world of One Hand Clapping is full of vibrant landscapes and enigmatic characters depicted in a warm, minimalist aesthetic that inspires self-expression without overwhelming feelings.

All you need is a microphone, headphones and your voice to play!

Some early access release reviews suggest some players struggled with sing / pitch recognition, but hopefully similar issues have been resolved. However, these are, on average, very positive user reviews. on Steam

Let us know what you think of this concept – would you like to try it out?

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