Vigor Chronicles: Revenge Is Here To Change Things Forever

Hello Foreigners!

It’s already November and the year is slowly drawing to a close. But before we say goodbye to 2021, we have one last big update for you! Vigor Chronicles here, but before we dive into what you can expect from this update, let’s take a look at what happened during Season 9, shall we?

We have released Season 9: Stalkers in August, and with it what the community has long been asking for – grenades! In addition to Frag Grenades, Xbox Series X Features Improvements In Season 9 | S. With update 9.1, we have presented not one, but two seasons of Legacy! We started with Legacy Season 2: The Hunters, followed by Legacy Season 4: Warlords (by popular demand from our community). Finally, we have released a small update for a special Halloween event from October 20 to November 2.

Saying goodbye to stalkers, it’s time to turn the page for a new chapter in Vigor

The seasons are dead, long live the chronicles!

A brand new chapter begins at Vigor and we are proud to present Vigor Chronicles. From now on, we are adding knowledge to the game and want them to be reflected in the title. In this update, you will be able to unfold the Chronicles and follow the path of Retribution!

Throughout the Battle Pass, you will be able to collect cassettes that tell the story of Adam, a former soldier who wants vengeance and blood. Hence, Vigor Chronicles: Vengeance! Adam’s Tale is a story of suffering, hope and grief, and we can’t wait to hear it.

We know that you have been interested in the history of the game for a long time, but we are finally here! We took the first step in explaining what happened to the world left in this post-apocalyptic state. At Vigor Chronicles: Vengeance we thought it was a great opportunity to introduce you to the story and tell the stories of different strangers, as well as get background information on what happened in Norway.

A total of 10 cassettes are waiting for you in the Battle Pass – 1 for each 5th level of development. After reaching level 50, you can listen to the last cassette and piece the whole story together. All cassettes are available in the Free Battle Pass tier because we wanted them to be easily accessible to all of our players.

Our team is very happy with this feature and we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Vigor Chronicles Screenshot

Is Kjersteen here as a new skirmish card / new skirmish card? Oh Ladies!

If you haven’t guessed yet, the new dam map is called Kjerstin. This Norwegian name means Christian. Fun fact; it was modeled on a real-world terrain near Brno in the Czech Republic and we are first releasing it as a brand new Shootout map. Of course, just like with Sawmill, only part of the map will be available in Shootout, but don’t worry because we are planning to release the full map in the next updates. And if you’re wondering how it relates to other maps, Kjersteen is located at the end of the Grontheim Valley.

In the meantime, the card will delight you with a lot of thrills in close combat. The new map is another thing our community has been craving for a long time, and we’re so happy to finally bring it to you, so get ready for these fierce battles on the fucking dam!

Screenshot Vigor Chronicles

Blind enemies with new flash grenades

That’s right guys! A new set of grenades awaits you, and this time we present the M84 flash grenades. You will be able to blind your opponents for a short time, which will allow you to take a fatal shot or give you the necessary time to get out of a difficult situation. Unlike the M67 frag grenade, this one is military grade, which means you can summon up to 3 of them in an encounter. We also slightly reworked the grenade aiming arc. Simply put, after you equip the grenade, the default aiming arc will be more like a straight line for quick throw, but you can choose a more curved arc for a longer throw by holding the aim button.

Vigor Chronicles Screenshot

Battle Pass straight from Special Forces

Let’s talk about the Battle Pass. First of all, we’ve heard your calls for the addition of military gear, and this update contains some of the most formidable outfits we’ve created. Most of them are inspired by the Danish special forces called Frogmen. In the Battle Pass, you can wield the deadly L85A1 Assault Rifle that will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents. The Vigor Chronicles: Vengeance Battle Pass also includes fanatics outfits, Adam’s cassette uniforms, ballistic helmets, night vision goggles, and some cool weapon skins!

Vigor Chronicles Screenshot

Will you take the path of revenge?

A new premium package is here for your attention. Do you want to dress like a member of the Danish Frog Corps? Then look no further because Vigor: Path to Vengeance Bundle here to deliver just that!

This package includes:

  • Fromand’s Uniform (Adam’s Revenge)
  • 3x L85A1 + 9x 30 rounds
  • 3 gallons + 9 rounds 32
  • 4x Gal skins:
    • Rectangle green
    • Tanning spray
    • Sawtooth pattern
    • Needle Pattern
  • 2500 CZK

This package can only be purchased once per account. for $ 69.99 and available for a limited time

A few small details

We would still like to talk about some of the things that are included in Vigor Chronicles: Vengeance. First of all, there are small visual improvements for the Xbox Series X | S. In addition, the sawed-off shotgun and KS-23 will now be considered secondary weapons.

So that is all. This update heralds a new dawn in Vigorera, and we are very happy to share it with you. We hope you enjoy solving Vigor Chronicles and, as always,

See you in Outland!

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Survived by the apocalypse, Vigor is a free-to-play marauder shooter set in post-war Norway. * Shoot and loot in intense combat * Build your hideout and vital equipment * Challenge others in a variety of game modes * Play alone or fight together

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