Video: YouTuber Launches Ultimate Switch OLED Burnout Test Left For Over 1800 Hours In A Row

When it became known that the latest version of Nintendo’s hardware for the Switch would have an OLED screen, concerns immediately arose about the possibility of screen burn-in.

Although this type of display has advanced quite far since the days of the PlayStation Vita, the risk of burnout still exists. Thankfully, we haven’t heard any horror stories since the launch of the Switch OLED model, so why worry about that?

youtuberWolf Den‘left his own OLED model for over 1,800 straight hours to see what happens. The test used a static game screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hori SplitPad to keep the system display active. So what was the result? You barely seem to notice the difference:

“There is no difference in any of the color tests I have done, and you can also notice that there are no visible burn-in marks after almost 2000 hours of use. The only difference you can see is the white color on the temple ceiling, which is a little dimmer and the bluish white has a slight green tint. “

“… If you’re worried about OLED burn-in on the Switch due to about 2000 hours of gaming, I think you can take it easy. I don’t think this is of practical importance to anyone. maybe 10 years from now we could see the HOME screen, which was in light mode, somewhere on the display, but for the most part you have nothing to worry about. “

Wulff Den intends to leave the OLED model on to see what ultimately happens, but for now, after nearly 2,000 hours, it seems to be fine. How is your own OLED model doing? Tell us below.

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