Video: We played the SteamWorld build – is it good?

Image: Thunder

Within its SteamWorld Telegraph Special Broadcast On January 23, Thunderful unveiled a brand new installment in the SteamWorld franchise: SteamWorld Build, a city builder and dungeon crawler that Thunderful says is a cross between SimCity and Dungeon Keeper.

For more information on the new title, check out the full announcement and breakdown along with the debut trailer. So far our great video producer Alex has managed to get his hands on the title and he presents his full impressions in the video below. It’s good? Is it nuff? Let’s find out together!

At the moment there is no exact release date for the SteamWorld Build other than a rather vague “2023‘, but if you want to try the game yourself, Steam offers to download a demo right now, so hurry up!

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