Video: Using the magic of LED fans and 3D printing, this guy created a real Pokemon

“Pokémon aren’t real,” they say. Well, I definitely saw an electric mouse the other day. Presumably Pikachu wasn’t created by chewing on wires like this one, but still. (For legal purposes, this is a joke, and all the mice in my house are alive.)

But this is a recreation of the hard-to-find Pokemon Spiritomb. nearly as real as the being itself. This is the creation of BigRig Creates on YouTube, a man who has a history of creating cool projects (like his steam pokeball) and showing cursed technologies (like his McTable).

Spiritomb Recreation Technology is the holographic LED fans you may have seen before in Incredible cosplay of Doctor Strange from Hacksmith Industries. The LEDs attached to the fan blades are programmed to flash certain colors very quickly, giving the impression of a solid “holographic” image as the fan rotates, due to an optical illusion called “constancy of vision“.

The base of the Odd Keystone and the purple crack running along its surface were 3D printed and sanded, and the stone part was spray-painted with a stone-like texture.

What Pokemon would you like to turn into a real thing? Let us know about it in the comments!

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