Video: Take a look at the stunning new Atelier Ryza 3 reveal trailer

After delaying RPG Atelier Ryza 3 last month, Koei Tecmo showed off the game’s intro video at the Taipei Game Show this weekend. this is at least anything to entertain fans before the big launch.

Instead of arriving this month, Ryza 3 has now been moved to March 24, 2023. According to the game’s producer, the game took some “extra time to fine-tune”, but the team promises that it will be “even better” when it arrives.

Here’s a bit about the Ryza 3’s history, courtesy of the official Nintendo website:

“Ryza and her friends are living their lives on Kurken Island when news arrives of the sudden appearance of a mysterious group of islands in the nearby waters. In order to find a way to save their island, Riza and her friends will embark on a final adventure surrounding the “roots of alchemy”.

In terms of gameplay, players will need to navigate an area made up of “multiple cards” linked by a total of 11 party members. This same map will apparently also be one of the biggest areas in the Atelier series. Apart from this, there are also different types of keys that can be obtained – by unlocking different instances of “research, synthesis and battle”. You can find out more in our previous story:

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