Video: Square Enix Shares 20-Minute Gameplay of Octopath Traveler II

Image: Square Enix

One of the many surprises from Nintendo Direct earlier this week was the announcement of Octopath Traveler II, a direct sequel to Square Enix’s 2018 retro RPG with HD-2D graphics.

In the next, you will see eight new travelers traveling through the lands of the Soloista. Everyone has their own story, and their paths even intertwine. If you’re interested in learning more after the initial announcement trailer, the good news is that Square Enix showed off 20 minutes of new gameplay footage at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

You can see the video between the 25th and 45th minutes in the video below. Translation included.

The original game is also available on Nintendo Switch and we gave it 9 out of 10 stars in our own review. Octopath Traveler II will go on sale February 24, 2023. Are you looking forward to it? Tell us below.

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