Video: PQube shares cheeky new opening trailer for Gal*Gun: Double Peace, here’s a look

March is shaping up to be a busy month for Nintendo Switch releases, and one of the many games to look out for is this Gal*Gun: Double World.

This is a port of the original game for PS4, PS Vita and PC that debuted in 2015/16 and will come with multi-language support, most of the existing costume DLC, extras for players with existing Gun Gal saves on their Switch, and branding. new opening movie.

PQube has now shared a look at the new opening movie exclusive to the Switch port, which you can watch above.

GalGun Double Peace is back and bolder than ever! Celebrate six years of school pranks with this brand new introductory video exclusive to Nintendo Switch. GalGun newbies and veterans alike can enjoy this 30-second teaser of what’s to come, showcasing each of Double Peace’s kawaii characters.

Here’s some additional information, as well as a look at the existing trailer:

The Gal*Gun series is centered around a protagonist who becomes super popular under confusing circumstances, forcing him to fight off hordes of girls who want to confess their love to him! Using his special pheromone shot, he must aim and shoot at the approaching ladies to send them into a state of euphoria! In the meantime, he has to confess his love to one of the beautiful heroines in this series of shooting games and dating sim!

In Gal*Gun Double Peace, the second game in the series, all of this unique combination of gameplay is present – and enhanced! Some of the girls you encounter have been possessed by nasty demons, but if you play your cards right, you can send the girls into euphoria with a special ‘double world’ pose! Event scenes with the heroines of the game have become even more “intense” than ever!

The Nintendo Switch version of the game contains nearly every DLC pack released on other platforms, plus a brand new intro video! Maybe there will be a special treat for owners of other Gal*Gun games?! With all that in mind, it’s easy to see why this is the definitive edition!

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is coming to Switch on March 17 for $44.99. Will you add this to your collection? Leave a comment below.

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