Video: Our Best Worst Switching Games – Part 3

As we close 2021 and look forward to 2022 – with all the measurable improvements it should definitely bring – your favorite trio of video producers are back with the latest entry in their Best Worst Game Trilogy for Switch.

Yes, it’s time for a third and final choice for a Switch game, which may be a disappointment to the broader scheme of things, but which contains enough good points to trigger some happy memories. After all, not everything in a 5/10 game is completely “average,” and our fearless video team has been digging through their back catalogs and minds for mid-range games that still manage to make a good impression, at least in part.

Following on from what Zion and Alex said earlier this week, today is John’s turn to watch. yeah and find glittering nuggets stuck all over the place.

Enjoy and let us know below if you agree with this final game.

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