Video: Our Best Worst Switch Games – Part 2

Sometimes you come across a game that critics and the gaming population in general have shelved as “a little pants”, but that doesn’t mean that these games are nothing special. let’s get away from this metaphor, shall we?

However, the bottom line is that “bad” games can still contain pleasing elements that deserve attention, just as in a disappointing film, among all the mediocrity, there may be work, scenery or a harsh line of dialogue. In a 5/10 game, there might be a few 9/10 moments or a mechanic messed up with a bunch of nonsense.

Following Zion earlier this week, today we have Alex’s choice: good bad play – or maybe bad good play. A to chat the game? Very bud

Ugh, Alex called this his best game with the worst switch, so let’s get on with it! Let us know below if you agree, or if you have any other nominees for underperforming games that have both good and bad scores.

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