Video: Nintendo Land will likely never come to Switch, but that’s okay

One game, however, featured incredibly unique gameplay that really showed off the Wii U’s capabilities, and that was Nintendo Land. While there are many who may rightly believe that the game should have been related to the Wii U, it is nonetheless a favorite among Nintendo fans.

For a more in-depth look at the game, our video producer Zion is joined by ex-push square video producer Liam Richardson, who now spends his time creating great content on Rock paper shotgun. The two chat about their memories of the game, what was good about it and what might have been. No so good.

It’s a little long, so make sure you get comfortable, grab a cup of tea and something else, and enjoy.

Do you hope that Nintendo will return to Nintendo Land in some way? How would you like him to return? Let us know!

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