Video: Nintendo 64 Controller Works With Any Switch Game (Sort of)

There has been a lot of anger and resentment about all of this with the Nintendo 64, including the fact that games don’t work as expected, N64 controllers don’t work with accessories, or won’t connect to a PC. It’s safe to say that now is probably not the best time to spend tons of money on the Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Expansion Pack!

anywayOur sweet John Cartwright put together a video about the N64 controller, or, as he calls it, “Big Boy”. There are a few new things and a few different things, like the fact that the Rumble Pak is now built into the body itself, rather than as a separate bulky gadget. RIP, Rumble Pak

Image: Nintendo life

But it’s even better if the controller has secret dual analog sticks, with the C buttons working as a second stick in any non-Nintendo 64 game. John tries Breath of the Wild, Demon Turf, Final Fantasy VII, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dark Souls and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in video to showcase what’s possible!

There are a few issues, of course – you can’t remap the buttons, and there is no ZR or B, which means you just can’t access some things, like the sword in Breath of the Wild or the menu in Final Fantasy VII. That said, it’s still potentially doable if you want to try playing BOTW with only bombs. Or FF7 without healing. Or Dark Souls without estus flasks. This is an interesting challenge!

(As a bonus: there is a small snippet of Jon ASMR at the very beginning of this video. Enjoy.)

Nintendo Life ASMR Channel, when?
Nintendo Life ASMR Channel, when? (Image: Nintendo life)

Have you tried the N64 controller? Are you disappointed or just happy that, decades later, you finally have the world’s best controller design again? Let us know in the comments!

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