Video: New Switch Hardware Won’t Stop Bad Ports

Image: Epic Games

There have been a fair number of Switch ports this year alone. Some of them are amazing, others are long-awaited and in demand, but every time a game on another system hits a Nintendo hybrid console, there are always controversies that often lead to discussion of Switch 2, Switch Pro – whatever you want. want to name it.

The Switch is much less powerful than the PS5 or Xbox Series X, so when you play on those systems (and even PS4/Xbox One), there are always a lot of questions. How will the game work on Switch? How will it look like? Does portability eliminate any potential problems?

We’ve been in the Switch’s life for over five and a half years now, and every year the chatter and rumors about new hardware are getting louder and louder. And while many ports like Alan Wake Remastered and Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection struggle on Switch, others like Persona 5 Royal, NieR:Automata and No Man’s Sky manage to shine – even with a few small caveats.

So, will the new Switch hardware help even those tricky ports? We’re not sure about that – or at least it doesn’t feature the great video team of Alex, Zion and Felix. The trio discusses some of the best and worst ports on the Switch and weighs the pros and cons of porting games to the system.

Check out their thoughts below and let us know if you agree with these three fellows in the comments!

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