Video: Metroid Prime Remastered – Switch Vs. GameCube Comparison

Are you saying Metroid Prime Remastered? God, that shadow fell like, 20 hours agogram.

Look, we’ve been busy, okay? In the midst of documenting all the exciting news about the first Nintendo Direct of 2023, we Europeans too had to squeeze in a few hours of sleep between then and now, so please forgive us for repeating a feeling you’ve probably seen many times on the internet already today – or the one you’ve talked about yourself after experiencing the game first hand – but Metroid Prime Remastered looks absolutely wonderful, isn’t it!?

Rest assured, we continue to review the game that you have already bought. Until then, we thought we’d share with you Alex’s great comparison video, which, you guessed it, compares the original GameCube game from *checks notes* 2002 (actually “grams”) with the freshly released Switch remaster, which has long been rumored.

Don’t like videos? Hmm, strange that you click on the article with the title above, but to each his own. Take some attractive but static screenshots for your problems:

The original game certainly looked beautiful already, but we’re so glad to see we didn’t rest on our laurels when it came to OG Prime’s update for the modern age. it’s not quite idealbut the Retro Studios team did a great job on it.

Let us know what you think of the visuals below and stay tuned for our official verdict shortly.

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