Video: Kirby’s Tiny World, Kirby’s adorable picture book, localized for the first time

Nintendo surprised us today by posting a new Kirby video on their YouTube channel. Given that Kirby and the Forgotten Land are still very fresh in our minds, this makes sense. But it’s not about Kirby’s adventures in a post-apocalyptic world, oh no. It’s something much more charming than that.

Titled “Kirby’s Tiny World”, this is a video version (and a translated version too!) of the once Japan-only children’s picture book Kirby Time: Kirby’s Tiny World, which you can find on Japanese books. That’s right, we read with Kirby for free! And honestly, it’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. It’s right. Go home everyone else.

I’m sure many of us with kids will use this to get our little ones to bed tonight and over the weekend. So thank you Nintendo for helping us be good parents! And thanks for providing us with even more Kirby content. We would really like the game to look like this video and like these books while you’re in it!

Kirby’s Tiny World is the fourth book in the Kirby Time series of illustrated books, so we have a hunch we’ll see more of these books as there are seven of them. Time to clean up your playlist…

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