Video: “It was my attempt to restore the history of Silent Hill 3” – a return to shattered memories with Sam Barlow

Image: Konami

When discussing horror games for the Nintendo Wii, there is one that absolutely dominates the coverage due to its striking impact and enduring legacy: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. It’s such an important game that some of the other Wii horror games are often overlooked – undeservedly, in our opinion.

One such game worth playing to this day is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It launched back in late 2009 for North America, coming at a time when public confidence in Konami’s survival horror franchise was starting to wane after disappointing sequels like Silent Hill: Homecoming. However, Shattered Memories remains one of the more critically acclaimed entries in the series, making excellent use of the Wii’s unique controls to truly immerse players in the gameplay.

To celebrate, our lovely video producer Zion spent some time with Shattered Memories lead designer and writer Sam Barlow to discuss the game’s development, its impact, and his less-than-favorable views on the iconic game. Silent Hill 3. We won’t talk more here, so be sure to watch the video below at your leisure!

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