Video Game History Foundation calls Nintendo 3DS and Wii U online store closure “devastating”

Image: Nintendo Life

This week, Nintendo announced the closure of the 3DS and Wii U online store, causing an uproar online.

So what now, with about 2,000 games no longer available on the 3DS and Wii U digital stores? It would seem that there is little that can be done from the consumer’s point of view. You either buy the digital games you want from these libraries now, or you risk not having a “Nintendo-approved” way to access them in the future.

It got to the point that the Video Game History Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, celebrating and teaching the history of games – released its own statement about the closure of the old Nintendo digital stores.

The statement acknowledges that the company understands the “business reality” of the situation on Nintendo’s part, but notes that fans are left with few options to move forward if they want access to certain titles. And while denying commercial access is considered “understandable,” preventing institutional work to preserve titles is “actively destructive to video game history.”

He also targets Nintendo for heavily funding lobbying that prevents places like libraries from providing legal access to these games. Here is the statement in full:

“While it is unfortunate that people will no longer be able to buy digital games for the 3DS or Wii U, we understand the business reality that led to this decision. What we don’t understand is what path Nintendo expects from its fans if they want to play these games in the future. As a paid member of the Entertainment Software Association, Nintendo is heavily funding lobbying to prevent even libraries from providing legal access to these games. The failure to provide commercial access is understandable, but it hinders institutional work by keeping these titles in addition to actively destroying the history of video games. We encourage ESA members such as Nintendo to rethink their position on this issue and work with existing institutions to find a solution.”

As you can see above, towards the end, Nintendo is encouraged to “rethink” its position on these issues and work with existing organizations to find a solution. At the time of writing, this statement has already collected a lot of likes.

How do you feel about the news that Nintendo will close the 3DS and Wii U online store? Leave a comment below.

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