Video: Comparison of graphics in Persona 5 Royal (Switch and PS4)

Image: Atlus

If all the outstanding reviews of Persona 5 Royal for Nintendo Switch aren’t convincing enough, we also have a comparison video to prove just how exciting this particular version of the game is.

Comparison clip, courtesy of YouTube channel GameXplain – shows the Nintendo Switch version alongside the PlayStation 4 version. This includes a number of cinematic segments as well as some of the gameplay. Take a look at both versions in the video:

As noted in our Nintendo Life review, the Switch version of Persona 5 Royal features “some fuzzier textures” and a softer visual presentation in both docked and handheld mode compared to its PlayStation counterparts. In terms of performance, it’s mostly 30fps with a few drops here and there.

Will you be adding Persona 5 Royal to your Switch collection later this week? Let us know in the comments.

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