Video: Come Here and Watch the Making of the Legendary Scorpion Spear for Mortal Kombat

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There are many big video game anniversaries going on right now, and next year will be no different. One of the biggest celebrations will be the 30th anniversary of the famous cruel, bloody and brutal western fighting game. Mortal Kombat

Ahead of the anniversary milestone, co-creator Ed Boone decided he would share some “funny” behind-the-scenes footage that will allow fans to see firsthand (well, sort of like), what the creation of these games would look like from the point of view of “fly on the wall”.

The first move he shared was Scorpio’s iconic phrase “Come here!” spear attack. Here’s a video that also shows him in action in the original Mortal Kombat:

Boone also shared a series of follow-up tweets, which we have collected in order here:

We, of course, prepared very well for filming the video, but some ideas came to us during filming. With the Scorpion spear, it all started with the words “You know what would be a tough butt?” From there, you can be a fly on the wall and see how we work out the details.

One of those details was how quickly Scorpio threw a spear, which had to be fast so that he could catch opponents by surprise. This meant that the animation had to be simple and very few frames. We also wanted the spear to pass over the dodging enemy, so we kept it at chest level.

We have so little memory that we don’t even pick up any movement for the victim’s response. Instead, we borrowed frames from existing animations. You can hear us talking about reusing one of the victim’s “knockdown” animations when she is initially hit with a spear.

We also borrowed footage of the victim’s “fatal vertigo” to show that they were stunned after being dragged in. Reusing existing animations was one of the many tricks we used to save memory, which was much more limited in 1991.

Several things made me laugh watching this many years later. Try to count how many times you see my hand reaching out from the right side, trying to (ninja) imitate movement. Also rumor @therealsaibot (John Tobias, co-creator of Mortal Kombat) describes how he wants to make a rope like a snake by saying “shhhh”.

Plus … have you noticed how young Ed Boone really likes to use the word “WAH” to describe things? What the heck?

Finally, even though we were SO much more involved in creating this classic movement (effects, sounds), it’s still cool to see the germ of an idea that eventually became synonymous with Mortal Kombat and SO MUCH TIMES dubbed in future games, movies, television. , animation and comics!

Fingers crossed, I hope to release more (fly on the wall) videos like this in the future as we get closer to the 30th anniversary of Mortal Kombat.

In 2021, a new action movie “Mortal Kombat” is released, sales of which Mortal Kombat 11 break the 12 million mark worldwide and release a new animated film. NetherRealm also named a time for its latest entry in the series – showing that it will end DLC support in order to focus on “the next project.”

Are you excited about Mortal Kombat’s 30th anniversary in 2022? What do you think of Ed’s story lesson above? Leave a comment below.

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