Video: Best RPG Ever Made, Still Not On Switch

Our very own Zion Grassl recently had the privilege of completing Chrono Trigger for the first time, and even 26 years after graduation, he is completely shaken. To celebrate this achievement, Zion, John and a special guest Kevin Kenson decided to sit down and praise the game for over an hour. And trust us, we could say so much more.

A good word of this classic is all we can do, however, as there are very few ways for gamers to play this pivotal RPG on their own. In 26 years, only 4 releases have been released; Super Nintendo (which skipped Europe), PlayStation (also skipped Europe), Nintendo DS, and the initially controversial but largely revised Steam release. If you primarily play on console, chances are good that you never got the chance to buy the Chrono Trigger, and honestly, that should be a crime.

Switch is home to many legacy RPGs, be it Final Fantasy VII, the Dragon Quest trilogy, and even newer favorites like Ni No Kuni, but the very best game of the 16-bit era remains on Steam – tarnished by its launch reputation. Hopefully the rumors of a Chrono Cross remaster will at least come true.

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