Video: 3 great Switch games you might have missed in March 2023

We’re back with our new monthly video highlighting some of the hidden gems in the Switch Web Store, and this time we’ve got three amazing games for you to enjoy.

We say “we” but we really mean Alex, Zion and Felix. YouTube. Admittedly, Nintendo has had a fairly quiet month on its home console, with only Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and Lost Demon being major headliners. But independent online stores are fighting each other. If you’ve read our reviews, you know it was anything But quiet month.

This month, our beautiful trio are Chat RPGs, Rugelites, and Metroidvanias. Zion plays Meg’s Monster, a unique RPG from Odencat. Felix got a taste of death in Magic Design Studios’ The Good Death. Meanwhile, Alex was looking through the caves of Zapling Bygone by 9FingerGames. You can hear their thoughts and watch them play out in the video above.

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