Video: 20 Secrets of Sora from Kingdom Hearts in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It’s been an exciting week in the world Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the arrival of the final fighter Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Now that we’ve had time to see what’s new and final Among other things, our American video producer Zion Grassle donned the Kingdom Hearts hat and appreciated all the cool secrets and references in this latest DLC release.

If you haven’t tried this fighter yet, it’s available as a standalone $ 5.99 / £ 5.39 purchase from the Switch Online Store, or can be purchased as part of the second Fighters Pass. From there, you just need to update your copy of the game. The real Kingdom Hearts series is also coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future in cloud versions.

What do you think of the new fighter making the Smash Bros. roster? Have you noticed any of these cool links in the game yourself? Leave a comment below.

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