Vampire Survivors’ first post-release patch adds death bridge

A new tiny Vampire Survivors bridge that strikes enemies with lightning.

Screenshot: poncle

Vampire Survivors, the breakthrough game of 2022 – no – genre, released in full version 1.0 just over a month ago, towards the end of October. But if you were worried that this means the developer is done, put your worry back in your worry case, close the lid, zip up the zippers, and update your version to the just-released version 1.10. Along with a few smaller details, a patch called The Tiny One adds an exciting new testing stage, and it’s a very narrow bridge.


The Tiny Bridge stage is unlocked after reaching level 80 in the Inverse Gallo Tower, and once unlocked, it presents the most ridiculous challenge: the only lane where you need to do some very specific ability tweaks in order to stand a chance of surviving.

Capturing that moment in a regular game when you realize you’ve fallen into a hopeless trap and then struggle to do anything to somehow survive, the whole concept sounds terrible. And that means fantasy.

Also added in this post-release update is the Seal Power. Up. According to the update info:

When a weapon is sealed, it will automatically be added to the exiled weapon list at the start of the run. When sealed, the item will not be removed from the loot table, but will instead be turned into a gold coin, which means it does not affect the standard drop chances.

It comes with 10 ranx, the base price is 10,000, and is achieved by “exiling 10 or more items in a single run”. My God, Vampire Survivor it got harder as I looked out that window.

There are also two new achievements for which Ponkle nervously apologizes. “FROMsorry for the extra achievements ruining your completion percentage,” he writes in his notes. “MMost players seem to be in favor of having them, so I took the opportunity to add more. The best thing I could think of to make them feel less “obligatory” is to mark them as OPTIONAL achievements.”

There is also a new secret. Shhh.

Vampire Survivor very firmly in Kotakufavorite games of 2022 (and yes, you, we know it came out in December 2021 but no one noticed for a few weeks) and it will be at the top of many GOTY lists on the internet. Right now you can get it on Steam for only $4.24, or find it included in Game Pass for Xbox. Although be prepared to see only blue crystals when you close your eyes for the next few weeks.

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