Valkyria Chronicles is the next online test of Nintendo Switch in Japan


While it’s a relatively niche series, especially in the West, Chronicles of Valkyrie has a dedicated fan base. With the original and Chronicles of Valkyrie 4 – which story is around the same timeline as the first game – both available on Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, we were able to enjoy this extravagant take on strategy / combat for turns.

Anyone not convinced in Japan, or those who have a valid Nintendo Switch Online account for the country, will have the opportunity to try out the first game in a Trial from next week, from July 5th to 11th. After the test concludes both the original and 4 will be discounted by a third party in the Japanese eShop.

We’re definitely a fan of both games, though presumably due to porting challenges the new title actually works better on the Switch; That said, considering the genre you can certainly enjoy the original despite a few frames from time to time.

Of course, gaming tests in Japan do not always synchronize with Western markets, although the trend often has a new offer later in Europe and North America a little later than the Japanese equivalent. We had one Descendants process in late April, then maybe another one will be on the road soon.

Do you want Valkyria Chronicles to be the next Nintendo Switch Online test out of Japan, or do you have another choice? Let me know in the comments!



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