Update: Deep Rock Galactic on PlayStation 5 gets new features thanks to the DualSense controller

Update, 12/31/21:

PlayStation announced earlier this week that Deep Rock Galactic, as well as Persona 5 Strikers and Dirt 5 will be PlayStation Plus games in January 2022, and new details have now been revealed about one of the games.

As first reported VG247Deep Rock Galactic will contain some PlayStation 5-exclusive features thanks to the console’s DualSense controller. In particular, the DualSense touchpad can be used to control the terrain scanner in the game. In addition, the controller’s built-in speaker can be used by Sims to give you orders, as if the Sims in question were actually using the radio to communicate with you, as they might when mining inland on an alien planet.

To learn more about the game, check out Game Informer’s Deep Rock Galactic Review.

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Original story, 12/29/21:

The first batch of PlayStation Plus games has been unveiled. Are you a fan of Persona, arcade racing and / or co-op games? If so, then January will be your month.

Persona 5 forwards headlines of the month. This sequel to the acclaimed Persona 5, released in February, follows the Joker and his gang on a cross-country journey. Developed by Dynasty Warriors’ producer Omega Force, the game transitions into frantic combat instead of turn-based combat like it did in the previous game. You can read our positive Persona 5 Strikers review here.

Deep rock galactic is a beloved co-op shooter that was only available on Xbox and PC. This marks the game’s debut on PS5 / PS4. Up to four players play as dwarf miners of different classes to mine gems in underground caves and fight giant alien beetles. Deep Rock Galactic’s fun mix of resource gathering and combat got us an 8.5 out of 10, which you can learn more about here.

Finally, Mud 5 presents its brand of off-road racing on PS Plus. In the latest installment of the multi-year series, you can choose from a choice-based career mode, community-created courses and arcade-style racing. To find out more about what Dirt 5 has to offer, check out our review.

All three games will be released on January 4th. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab the December PS Plus games – Godfall: Challenger Edition, Mortal Shell, and Lego DC Super-Villains – before they go.

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