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Gran Turismo players! Update 1.23 for Gran Turismo 7 releases today, September 28 at 11:00 PM PST* (September 29 at 7:00 AM PST / 3:00 PM JST).

Added three new cars!

Volkswagen ID.R ’19

An electric car prototype that rewrote world speed records.

The body of the ID.R is made from carbon fiber with oversized fenders front and rear for maximum downforce. At 5.2m long, the car is relatively large, but it actually weighs less than 1,100kg. The twin-engine all-wheel drive system develops a maximum power of 500 kW (670 hp) / 650 Nm (66.3 kgf/m), which allows you to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 2.25 seconds. These performance statistics put it on par with internal combustion engine race cars. In the real world, the ID.R has competed in numerous motorsport events around the world with record-breaking results. On the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 2018, rider Romain Dumas set a record of 7 minutes 57 seconds, the first run to break the 8-minute mark. Once again, at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the ID.R set the record for the fastest electric car lap in 6 minutes 5 seconds. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the car became the first to complete the legendary climb in less than 40 seconds with a record of 39.9 seconds.

Nissan Silvia K’s Type S (S14) ’94

6th gen. The Silvia represents heightened luxury in a wide body format.

The width of the S14 is 1730 mm compared to the S13 and the track width has also been increased. The new model is also 30mm longer (4500mm) and 5mm taller (1295mm) to increase body dimensions. However, the softer lines of the body design most emphasize the car’s width. The K-class model also had 16-inch wheels as standard. The engine is a retuned version of the S13 SR20 series. The top-of-the-range K model is equipped with an intercooled turbocharger and produces 14 hp. more than the previous generation at 216 hp/28 kgf/min, while naturally aspirated Q and J models produce 157 hp. The basic suspension design has also been carried over from the S13, using A-pillars with a multi-link system at the rear. The car was also available with Super HICAS electronic rear wheel steering.

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Spyder

A modern yet bold statement from Porsche about the future of sports cars.

The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo continues this tradition of the German manufacturer and at the same time is a truly modern and bold statement about the future of the sports car. It combines elements of the iconic design of historic Porsche sports cars with the race car genes of the record-breaking 919 Hybrid and the pioneering spirit of Porsche’s first electric sports car, the Taycan, in a high-performance, lightweight sports car. The design of the exterior and interior flow seamlessly into each other and give drivers the feeling that they become one with the car, especially when they sit in the cabin of the ultra-modern carbon monocoque. The dual-electric engine layout of the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo provides a system power output of 820 kW (1,098 hp) and a maximum torque of 1,090 Nm (111 kgfm). The innovative active aerodynamic system responds dynamically to all driving situations, boosting vehicle performance. Ideal for tight corners and high-speed sections such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife or Alpine roads.

Landscapes of California II and Tokyo II

Also included in today’s update are two new landscapes. Check them out below.

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