Unsouled Soul Filled Action Game Now Available In Game Preview For Xbox

What do you like about RPGs? One of the beauties of RPGs is the ability to grow your own character and become a part of the world your character breathes. How about action games? When it comes to combat, there is no question that cornering opponents and exploiting their weaknesses while displaying bizarre fingertip movements can be very, very satisfying. Today we present to you Silent, an RPG that gracefully blends elements of both genres.

Silent tells the story of Maras, a prince whose kingdom was subjected to a sudden onslaught of the undead. As Prince Maras, you must defeat countless enemies and bosses to uncover the truth behind the kingdom’s collapse. Throughout the journey, you will also help Prince Maras gain strength by absorbing the “souls” of enemies. Souls in this game are symbolic and also occupy a large part of the game’s combat system.

When playing Silent, the only thing that worries you is the fight. No puzzles or twisting and twisting maps to solve; you will need this energy to brush up on your pairing skills. Battles are dynamic and require you to skillfully balance attack and defense, and this is where souls and timed attacks come to the rescue.

Souls are consumed to replenish your stamina, level up your skills, and even smash large objects on the map to pave paths. In addition, you can time your attacks exactly in order to carry out counterattacks and a series of subsequent moves. It can take a while to get used to, but once you learn to use all the techniques at your disposal, chopping through monsters will bring you the incredible pleasure that only role-playing games can provide.


While we’ve focused on the gaming experience so far, we have to say that the game’s gorgeous pixelated graphics deserve a mention as well. Everything you see in this post is drawn by Jinsub Jung, sole creator and developer Silent… Jinsub has put much of his take on the action game genre and inspiration from the Oedipus myth into Silent, which will be quite obvious during the game.


Although still in development, Silent is now available as part of the Xbox Game Preview program. Get your copy today and see where the action takes you.

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Unsouled (game preview)


Note: this game is under development. It may or may not change over time, or it may be released as a final product. Buy only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game. Take on the role of the Fallen Prince in Unsouled, a stylish fast-paced 2D RPG game. Blast your way through interactive environments and adrenaline-pumping encounters as you unravel the mysteries of this undead-filled world. – Dynamic and stylish combat. Enemies in Unsouled react to your every move. Always be vigilant, as the slightest mistake will be met with ruthless attacks from the enemy. – Expert control and time. Perform various combinations of skills and counterattacks for maximum damage. Take advantage of the Abyss system to get a closer look at the unique mechanics of the game. Players may be tempted to lower the difficulty level, but mastering real combat takes practice. – Chain Attacks Each skill combination in Unsouled has its own unique triggers. Each time you use a skill, your character blinks for a short second. Use this opportunity to turn your initial blow into a series of killing blows, performing one skill after another. Learning how to roll up each skill is critical to mastering chain attacks. – Combinations of counterattacks are not the only tool in your arsenal. The counterattack mechanic remains true to the principle of high risk and high reward, allowing you to destroy multiple targets in one smooth attack if done correctly. Mastering chain counterattacks is the key to turning the tide with opponents. – Interactive Objects Hitting an enemy against a wall, pushing it off a ledge, chopping a tree to crush it, or even collapsing a large object to create an impromptu bridge are just a few of the many ways the game can overcome various obstacles and threats. – Passive and Active Souls You can meet special souls when you fight and explore. Passive souls take effect immediately after obtaining, improving abilities, discovering new skills or improving existing ones. Active Souls are manually activated with button presses, which can unlock skills normally reserved for bosses and are used for combos as well as escape from enemies. – Wonderful pixel graphics. Travel across five different locations, each filled with unique retro-style visuals with scary and funny enemies. Every single pixel is affected by real-time lighting, which means you can enjoy rich, vibrant pixel art in all its forms. kudos! “Full details of the latest game status, how you can provide feedback and report issues can be found at

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