Unleash your wild side in Fortnitemares 2022

Fortnitemares returns to Fortnite! Visit DJ Lyka at the Reality Tree, challenge cubic monsters in Zero Build Horde Rush, complete special quests to earn in-game rewards, grab some unobtainable items, and more! Fortnitemares 2022 will end on November 1 at 2:00 AM ET, so be sure to check in and complete your quests before then.

There are also rumors about a new enemy that has set up camp in Grim Gables… Let’s see if you can defeat him to get his Mythic Weapon! (You may want to bring friends.)

Refine your feelings

Be sure to check out some of the altars of change on your crazy adventure. These altars, which can be found at the Reality Tree Dance Party (but they are also scattered all over the island), will give you a Ritual Emote. Activate this emote to receive howler claws for freeing the beast within!

Here is a breakdown of your wolf abilities with Howler Claws equipped:

Track your opponents with Wolfscent

Howl to activate the “Wolf Smell” ability, which gives you the ability to locate nearby enemies. Lasts for a limited time before entering cooldown mode, this ability repeatedly marks enemies in the immediate area. If there are no enemies in range, Wolfscent will immediately go into cooldown mode. Enemies will know they are being watched, so stay true to your feelings!

Slash away

What is a wolf without claws? With the new Slash ability, you can unleash a ferocious four-combo melee attack.

Air strike away

In addition, your claws can be used to perform the Air Slash ability, a double jump that damages enemies upon landing.

Liberate the Horde

Horde Rush is back… in Zero Build form! Zero Build Horde Rush sees you and your teammates taking down hordes of monsters without the safety of building. Collect score multipliers, earn combos, survive in different locations and challenge the final boss.

Zero Build Horde Rush will be available until the end of Fortnitemares. (Specifically: November 15th, when the downtime for the v22.40 update starts.) Once Fortnitemares ends, look out for the Horde Rush quests you can complete to earn a special in-game reward…

Fortnightmars 2022

Grab your Fortnitemares

You’ve learned about upcoming Horde Rush quests, but there are general Fortnitemares quests as well! These quests will take you to Fortnitemarish locations like Grim Gables, force you to use Candy Launcher and Pumpkin Launcher without vaults, and challenge you to throw a party. Complete Fortnitemares quests to earn experience and pleasant surprises.

Fortnitemares Candy Plus Pumpkin Launcher

Fortnightmars 2022

Two Fortnitemares quests will be available daily for 14 days. After completing five tasks, you will unlock the End of Everything glider. Completing 13 will unlock the Chrome Cage Back Bling. And for completing 25 you will unlock the Unmaker pickaxe. The quests will be available to complete until the end of Fortnitemares on November 1 at 2:00 AM ET.

Fortnightmars 2022

Fortnitemares keep coming

Keep scaring and having fun. Earlier this year, we challenged creators to create islands of fear, pleasure, or both. Check out the Fright and Delight line in Discover during Fortnitemares 2022 and check out some of our favorite maps!

Fortnightmars 2022

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