Umurangi Generation Special Edition available today with Game Pass

Umuranga Generation Special Edition – available today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with Game Pass – lets you immerse yourself in a world where natural disasters have turned the sky red. Playing as a member of the Umuranga generation (Te Reo Maori in the latest generation), you work as a Tauranga Express courier who is also an avid photographer. Speed ​​through the city capturing those final moments of life on Earth as disaster unfolds all around you, each step bringing you closer to the end of the world.

Take pictures the way you like using a variety of lenses and filters to make your photos look limitless. Use this freedom of expression to take all sorts of photos, using the goals as a guide to navigate through these war times.

Generation Umurangi focuses on player self-expression and creative output as part of the game’s core design philosophy, where objectives can be completed in a thousand different ways – we’ve seen players find many creative ways to earn Photo Rewards in ways we never imagined.

This game was inspired by games like Jet Set Radio and pokemon binding. It is also specially made for people who are into photography or early 2000s retro art. This themed title also boasts great music, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world and immerse yourself in the life of the Umurangi generation.

Generation Umurangi the theme originated from the experiences of bushfire developers in Australia. The roaring fires that turned the sky red were seen as a dystopian omen of the destruction the Earth is going through, and was countered by news and politicians dismissing the situation as a “new normal”.

Welcome to the world Umuranga Generation Special Editionavailable to play today with Game Pass.

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Umurangi Generation is a first-person photography game set in a retro future. Set in Tauranga, Aotearoa, on the eve of a looming crisis, major cities are walled off, and the United Nations deploys military forces and towering mechs to defend against an alien invasion. From jet fighters shining overhead, the sounds of continuous gunfire and wounded soldiers, to billboards in the game, everything you see gives more context to the daily life of the people of Tauranga. Despite all this, life goes on… People go to work, party to escape reality, complain about the government and inequality between rich and poor… As a Tauranga Express courier, you can travel around Tauranga photographing and documenting the world and its reality through your camera lenses. Throughout the game, you will unlock many lenses and gear. *This version contains both the full PC version and its DLC, as well as some additional modes. ▼ Unique and expressive grading system Each photo you take is graded on color, content and composition. After taking a photo, you will receive a cash point, which will go towards the final payout. Perform Photo Bounty in any way convenient for you. Once you have completed these rewards, deliver the package to complete the level. ▼ Bonuses for research at each level. New equipment for your camera can be unlocked by finding film canisters, recreating postcards, making deliveries on schedule, and finding a way to fit all your friends in one photo. ▼ Full creative control Edit your photos and develop your own unique color scheme. The tools in the game are flexible enough that you can touch up your photos to make them look better than when you took them. If you are an experienced photographer, you are a great fit. If this is your first time, you’ll be on your way right away. ▼ Speed ​​Run and Creative Modes The game offers two special game modes to replay. The speed run mode tests your gaming skills and is ideal for those who are up to the challenge. Creative mode, on the other hand, gives you complete control over the creative side to achieve the perfect shot that is sure to satisfy those of you who are avid photographers. ▼ What is “umurangi”? Umurangi is a Te Reo word meaning Red Sky.

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