UK sales data show a good head start for Switch OLED

Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo released a major hardware release last week, and the Switch OLED model brought us the first notable new version of the system since Lite in 2019. While many current Switch owners won’t be updating (for various good reasons, especially those who prefer playing with a dock), there also seems to be quite a bit of buzz on the net, with a lot of people talking about their shiny new device. examines UK sales data and the results show that the new system is off to a good start. Numbers are not provided (which is not surprising), but the statistics available suggest that it has proven to be quite popular and may perform a little better than some of us predicted a few weeks ago.

Last week, the OLED model accounted for 70% of all Switch sales in the UK, which is to be expected; in particular, this surge means it now accounts for 7% all Switch UK sales this year. It also points to a strong week overall for the family of systems, which is undoubtedly contributing to all the attention. Metroid dread especially.

Last week was also the 14th best week for the system in the UK market; in comparison, its launch in March 2017 was the 4th best week. Unsurprisingly, the first 13 weeks fall on the windows of Christmas or Black Friday.

Notably, OLED performance far outstrips the similar launch of Switch Lite in 2019.

It comfortably surpassed Nintendo Switch Lite’s 2019 launch week, which ranks as the 57th largest week for the Switch.

Switch Lite was a slow burner for Nintendo. The Lite version currently accounts for about 20% of Switch’s total sales since its launch in the UK.

Again, we are relying on UK data at this stage, although we should soon see some data for Japan as well.

What are your impressions of the OLED launch last week? Do you think this is a good start? Let us know in the comments!

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