UFC 4 Prime Icons Update

Celebrate some of the most legendary UFC fighters and add their Prime Icon versions to your roster.

All over the world, from Europe to America, the UFC is one of the truly international sports brands. At EA Sports, we want to identify and honor the fighters from around the world who have shaped the modern era of the UFC with the Prime Icons update. From now on, you can add a legendary fighter from your region to your roster – at the height of your career. Travel to the octagon of legends and see how dominant they can be.

And that is not all. As we honor these fighters and how they have influenced the sport over the past 20 years, every player who logs on to the system, Ufc 4 from 4 to 30 November you can get Prime Icon Customization Pack… This includes luxury items and more to help you tailor your UFC 4 experience and honor these sport’s legends.

The UFC is shaping the legacy of legendary fighters, from Royce Gracie and Dan Severn to contemporary icons such as Khabib Nurmagomedov. We invite you not only to famous fighters from all over the world, we also give them the perks and skills that represent them at the absolute heights of their careers.

UFC 4 Prime Icons Update

Create your own legend today at Ufc 4… For a limited time, get up to 67% off Ufc 4 in the Xbox store and head to Octagon today. Travel from amateur to professional UFC superstar in an all-new Career Mode, visit two new locations in Kumite and the Backyard, or face the best players from around the world in Blitz Battles and the Online World Championship. No matter how or where you play, Ufc 4 puts you at the center of every battle.

Join the fight now with EA Play! Participants can play Ufc 4 whenever they want, as much as they want. EA Play membership is also included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost. Plus, members get 10% off EA digital content purchases on Xbox and unlimited access to our favorite games collection on the Play List.

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