Ubisoft Starts DRM Servers, Then Somehow Makes Things Worse


Could & amp;  Magic X - Legacy

Might & Magic X – Legacy
Image: Ubisoft

Last month, Ubisoft has decided to end online support for a bunch of older games, but in doing so has also brought down DRM servers for Might and Magic X – Legacy, meaning players could not access the singleplayer content or DLC of the game.

As well as Eurogamer report fans weren’t happy, having to come up with an unofficial solution to be able to continue playing past a certain point in singleplayer, but instead Ubisoft took the intervening weeks to release something official to resolve this, or reverse its original move to turn off the game’s DRM servers, they decided to do something else.

They simply released the game for sale on Steam. If you visit the game’s Steam page now, you’re greeted with the message:

Notice: At the request of the editor, Might & amp; Magic X – Legacy is no longer available for sale on Steam.

So now all future new players can’t get the game, and anyone else with an existing copy … can’t even play it properly, since even using the alternative solution made by fans, the bonus content of the game remains inaccessible .

The players are now understanding pissed off, Taking to Steam reviews of the game to leave messages like:

“It doesn’t work anymore. Ubisoft refuses to repair the game. Pathetic. “

“Ubisoft took my money and then shut it down.”

“This is a theft, and if Steam and the relevant governments are okay, it’s a legal theft. I will never buy anything from Ubisoft again for the first time, even if they decide to try and do something about this disorder.”

“Unfortunately, Ubisoft has decided to stop the game, and it’s no longer possible to access a significant portion of it, so I can’t advise you to buy it. F *** this company with a pineapple for its mistreatment of the “Might and Magic” franchise. “


“Ubisoft can go f ** k themselves.”

The game has it was also removed from the Ubisoft display case.



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