Ubisoft officials said CEO Yves Guillemot “did not consider” the requirements in an open letter to Activision Blizzard


Earlier this week, more than 1,000 Ubisoft employees, current and former, wrote an open letter to management, including CEO Yves Guillemot, demanding a change on allegations of workplace abuse. The open letter was also written in support of Activision Blizzard’s strike earlier this week to protest a similar issue after details of the ongoing lawsuit against the company were made public. Now, the group behind the letter says that despite the public statements made by management, the reported behind-the-scenes behavior does not match what is being said on the surface.

Following an open letter to management, Guillemot sent an internal email to all Ubisoft employees. Game informer was able to confirm the content of the letter first submitted Axios’ Stephen Totilo… The most recent email, as well as previous statements against allegations of sexual harassment and workplace abuse, asserts that they are working to improve Ubisoft’s living environment and have “made significant progress over the year.” It also said it takes time to make meaningful changes, but previous reports earlier this summer argued that nothing had been done other than the first wave of public layoffs of senior executives and one HR member.

The original email from Guillemot also included plans to continue investigating the issues under consideration in the third quarter and will share a roadmap during that time. Shortly after the internal email went public, the team behind the first open email reported: that the claims of the original correspondence were “sidelined” and that only “a few” points in their note were touched upon. “We know that the company has made some improvements and we are pleased to hear that Eve and management agree that this is not enough,” a Ubisoft employee told the site in relation to the letter. “However, Ubisoft continues to protect and promote well-known criminals and their allies. We can see that the management continues to avoid this problem. It is also worth clarifying that an invitation to personally address the company’s management is not the same as having a collective seat in the Spreadsheet office. “


It was said that the group hopes that the rest of the demands and comments made will be factored into the “full response”, calling for a system-wide effort to tackle what is becoming an obvious widespread problem. This group reaffirmed the goal of seeing “real, fundamental change” not only at Ubisoft, but throughout the gaming industry. For this to happen, honest conversations must be held, and leadership that is not involved in the alleged discrimination and misconduct must step up and take immediate action to correct these internal problems. This includes a toxic workplace culture, which is detailed in Activision Blizzard’s lawsuit, detailed in office crawl, and includes gender-based pay discrimination. The details of the lawsuit indicate an increase in negligence and harmful behavior, in particular against women of color.

A statement from the Ubisoft group calling for change ended with the following: “It’s exhausting, frustrating and contrary to the messages they give us. We cannot be happy or satisfied with this hypocrisy. just too scared. Do better or keep losing good people. “

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