Twitter is taking over a new word guessing game

Screenshot of Wordle with only word try "video" and "Games," repeats.

Screenshot: PowerLanguage / Kotaku

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you may have noticed that people are posting a bunch of colorful squares. No, this is not a psychological operation from which you are unfairly excluded, but rather a manifestation on Twitter Wordle, the daily word guessing game that is currently gaining traction in the internet world.

The premise is extremely simple: you have six attempts to guess a word, and each attempt will tell you what you did right and what did not. Correct letters with correct placement turn green, correct letters with incorrect placement turn yellow, and total misses remain the primary gray in the game. After six unsuccessful attempts, the game will prompt you for a word. If you successfully guess the word, you can brag about it on Twitter – where you probably first heard of it.

Wordle does two things very well. It’s easy to play and extremely easy to promote on Twitter dot com. This promotion manages to overcome the exceptionally fine line between efficiency and constant annoyance, which it manages to cope with thanks to its daily rhythm of puzzles. By offering one puzzle a day, Wordle prevents loyal players from completely clogging up your channel Wordle Results. It also prevents players from burning out by preventing them from solving too many puzzles in a day.

However, these aforementioned Twitter posts are exceptionally vague, which means the game may take a while to find. For example, I decided it was a phone game and was disappointed when I couldn’t find it in the Play Store. It wasn’t until my colleagues started posting about it on Slack that I realized that it was actually a browser game.

As a lover of words, what can you say about work, I am very glad that wordplay has taken over Twitter just like Triplets did many years ago and Blaseball is in a later memory.

While I’m a little skeptical about the longevity of the game, especially in the notoriously fast-paced public consciousness of video games on Twitter, it will be interesting to watch your friends fail to guess the words while it lasts.

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