TV series showrunner Halo will leave after one season

When the Halo-based TV show was announced for the first time, Kyle Killen was attacked as his showrunner (Killen previously worked on the wonders of a Lone Star, Awake, and Mind Games series). Killen apparently left and Steven Kane (whose production credits include American Dad! And The Last Ship) took the place of showrunner. According to Variety, even if Halo is taken for a second season, Kane will not be attacked. He will leave Budapest, where Halo is filmed, to return home to the United States.

While it was initially announced as a Showtime project, the Halo series will debut on Paramount +. Pablo Schreiber from The Wire and Orange is the New Black has been fired as Master Chief, and Jen Taylor, who played Cortana in the games, will reprise her role. Natascha McElhone will play Dr. Catherine Halsey, with Shabana Azmi as Admiral Margaret Parangosky and Bokeem Woodbine as privateer and old friend of Master Chief’s named Soren-006.

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