Tunic launches today for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass


  • Tunic is a game about a lost land filled with deadly creatures, ancient powers and secrets you should never have found.
  • Do you have a sword and shield, but did you take the instruction manual with you?
  • Tunic available today for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass

Some years ago, Tunic was introduced to the world on stage during the Xbox E3 2018 briefing. It was a big moment for both us as the publishing team and for Andrew Shouldice, who at the time served as game designer, programmer, level designer, character artist, animator and tester. Tunic.

Over the next four years Tunic grew amazingly. The development team and the game itself have grown in size, and thousands of new fans have shared their excitement with us. From today we invite you to discover Tunic and all the secrets it has to offer on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and with Xbox Game Pass.

At first sight, Tunic may seem like a cute adventure game. You play as a little fox in a big world, fight monsters and explore an ancient land. But don’t let its charming appearance fool you, Tunic combat will test your reflexes and its mysteries will challenge your perception.

On your adventure, you will explore a dense and mysterious world, from dark forests inhabited by dangerous creatures to intricate temples filled with hostile sorcerers. The sword is your main weapon, but your best tool is the ability to dodge, block and swing at the right time. Your enemies won’t be held back, so be sure to scour your surroundings for stat-bombs and reusable health potions. Make a wrong move and your death will return you to the last checkpoint without returning any of the items you used. Be careful!

Tunic Screenshot

TunicThe terrifying combat system is borrowed from modern RPGs, while the setting and tone are from classic cartridge era games. But the challenge and inspiration don’t stop there. Remember the good old days when every game came with full color instructions? A fragile booklet filled with helpful combat tips, enemy descriptions, and secret clues? Tunic takes the lost art of the instruction manual and puts it right into the game.

Scattered around the game world Tunic instruction manual pages for you to assemble. Each one you find adds to your booklet, creating a compendium of that alien realm. Carefully study the pages to get an idea of ​​the terrain and defeat your fighters. Filled with gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations, the manual appears to be written in some unknown language. If you think about it, everything in this world is written with these glyphs. What does it mean? Can we translate it? What else can Tunic hide?

Tunic Screenshot

Mysteries and secrets lie at the core Tunic an experience. Every seasoned gamer knows that when there is a waterfall in the game, they should check it for hidden loot. Tunic represents a world brimming with opportunities to sniff out secrets. During the game Tunic, we encourage you to cooperate with friends. Work together to share clues, compare notes, and find long-lost treasures.

Because secrets are integral Tunic‘s DNA, we were super-closed – we had to keep our mouths shut about what this game really had in store for the players. That’s what makes this launch so exciting for us – it’s finally time to bring this game to you. Rest easy, adventurers. There is a long road ahead. We can’t wait to see what you find.

Tunic Available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass.

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