Tunce has a switch release date, so you can save the Amazon rainforest like a hat

Originally expected back in March, there is now a confirmed release date for Tunce on the switch; he arrives at November 2… An interesting fact about the game is that one of the playable characters is Hat Kid from Hat in timeif you like a blast from the indie past.

If you haven’t run into Tunce before this is beat ’em up with a hand-drawn aesthetic that you can play alone in local co-op with up to four players. It’s like a roguelike game as each playthrough gives you an experience to learn new abilities, but with five playable characters to master, there should be a decent variety.

Some of the commercials are shown below.

Tunche is a hand-drawn animation game that takes players on an adventure through the Amazon rainforest. The game features five characters, including the Hat Kid from A Hat in Time.

There are local co-op and roguelike elements to approach the adventure differently each time. Each of the five heroes has a different play style with unique skills and abilities that can come in handy when facing the game’s multi-stage bosses. Experience will be accumulated for each playthrough, which will allow you to progress through the story. Characters can be improved with experience to learn new techniques and skills.

Let us know what you think is one on your wishlist?

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