True Glorification of Mexican Culture in Forza Horizon 5

When it comes to designing and developing Forza Horizon games, there is one thing that the Playground Games team puts above everything else: an authentic open world. Cool cars and great music are certainly important, but these elements alone are not what provides an authentic Forza horizon an experience. Having played past games in the UK, Australia, Southern Europe and Colorado in the US, the team is targeting Mexico. Forza horizon 5

From the outset, the team took deliberate and targeted steps to ensure their vision of Mexico in Forza horizon 5 is as close to reality as possible, especially when it comes to celebrating the country’s incredibly rich culture. “Our goal for Forza horizon 5 is not only about capturing the scenery that is characteristic of Mexico, but also giving players the opportunity to get to know the people and traditions of the country, ”said Mike Brown, Creative Director Forza horizon 5 at Playground Games. “We value the Mexican and Latin American communities and want to make sure that we truly honor the diverse community in the most honest and respectful way.”

To help bring this world to life, Playground Games hired a consultant named Lalo Alcaraz (Nickelodeon Casagrandes writer and Mexican cultural consultant for Pixar’s Coco) to help the team portray Mexico. contributions leading to changes to the campaign, characters, and overall image of Mexico. He was instrumental in bringing the characters to life and bringing very important local customs to life. Forza horizon 5

“I am a cultural consultant who can advise you if something is authentic or not, but then I can suggest alternatives on the spot,” Alcaraz said. “I can do it with the voice of a character because I’m also a writer. And this is generally my favorite part. “

Alcaraz said he did his best to share confidence and caution equally. He and his team went to great lengths to bring Mexican authenticity to the game and achieve a playful and vibrant tone. Forza horizon known for all the art, music and storylines of the game (such as the stories of Lucha de Carreter and Vocho).

In addition to writing, Playground wanted to bring Mexico’s vibrant and diverse cultural heritage to life with traditional wall paintings. As a result, the game has an original game design created by Mexican artists from different regions of the country. This led to collaborations involving renowned artists such as Farid Rueda, Star27, Spaik, Senkoe, Raoul Urias, and Cix

When creating the frescoes, each artist took a unique approach, drawing on their individual points of view and inspiration. Rueda, for example, has combined Mexican colors and shapes with universally recognizable animals like lions and bears to help players around the world connect with Mexico and highlight what makes the region and its culture truly special. Urias chose to focus on the elements of his Chihuahua home, including the Tarahumara culture, landscapes, ceramics, flora and fauna. In creating a portrait of what the Chihuahua represents to him, Urias wants to share the unique characteristics of the Chihuahua that are not found anywhere else in the world.

While creating Forza horizon 5Playground sent teams to Mexico to visit all the venues to find inspiration and make sure they accurately represent the land, weather, seasons, sounds, and more. They also met with residents to make sure this beautiful country, its community and culture are presented in the right light. Creative director Mike Brown put it best of all: “First of all, Forza horizon 5 this is a holiday. It is a celebration of music, a celebration of cars and a celebration of Mexico. “

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