Tribute to Bobby “Nintendo Guru” Pauls

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The Nintendo Community is a tight-knit community. It is a joyful community that is shared online and at events. One of the most loving, energetic and hardworking members of the community was Bobby Pauls, also known as Guru Nintendo… After a long fight in the hospital with COVID-19, Bobby Pauls unfortunately passed away on Friday, February 26, 2021.

I was lucky enough to share a lot of highlights with Bobby online through his YouTube and Twitch streaming channels, as well as in person at E3 in 2018. I have very fond memories of Bobby. Splatoon 2 streams, his frequent Nintendo news updates and interviews with members of the Nintendo community. He always brought his “great game”.

Bobby has also been the manager of the Atooi community for a while, and it was a wonderful experience when we worked so closely together. His schedule was so busy with work and channels that, unfortunately, he had to give it up, but I will treasure this period. His hard work, enthusiasm and positive enthusiasm made every phone call and every moment with him special.

Bobby put the same enthusiasm into his friendship. To pay tribute to Bobby, I reached out to some of his closest friends in the Nintendo community to send messages for this message.

Sean Capri, friend and co-host of the podcast


It’s so hard. Because for the past five years, every time something terrible happened, I called Bobby. And we would just talk and things would work out – or at least get better. Bobby had a way to make things easier for me. He always knew exactly what to say, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Everyone who knew him experienced this loss no less than me. We are together because of Bobby, and we support each other in his departure.

But honestly, what a workhorse. I don’t know how he did it. Bobby Pauls set an example. He pushed the boundaries of what everyone thought one person could do and never stopped. His ruthless competitive spirit was perfectly balanced with his kind heart. Nobody can beat Bobby. However, he always found time for others. He has helped and encouraged so many strangers from the Internet. Bobby never saw them as rivals and did not expect anything in return. To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Bobby Pauls was born on this earth to share his love for Nintendo. And by this he united thousands of people. We laughed and had a great time together. It’s hard to watch now, but I’m so grateful for how much work he put into creating podcasts, videos, and streaming because it will take the rest of my life to browse and use his full catalog of content. I will never forget him and I will always have incredible memories of how we laughed together and supported each other.

He was my best friend. A truly special person who cannot be replaced. Calm down, Bobby.

Toby Thornton, friend and co-host of the podcast


I met Bobby through our shared love for Amyibo. I just put up a custom Amiibo for auction. I was selling and Bobby was buying! But it quickly grew into a bromance fueled by Nintendo. We started a podcast together, and he moved on. We talked all the time, and as our friendship grew, so did the community of which we were a part. Bobby was so into Nintendo that he was literally the “Nintendo Guru”. It was an important title for a big character. I have always been impressed by his high work ethic. He had a real passion to grow his YouTube channel as well as helping others grow their channel. But for Bobby, the most important thing was the friendship he made through games. He told me that the weekly recording of our podcast is not important to him. He just wanted to talk to his friend. He introduced me at the beginning of every podcast as his “best friend on earth.” He made me feel special. But I was not the only one who felt it. As I write this, love is pouring out on social media from everyone Bobby has made better for me. More than I could have imagined.



Bobby was all good things in the world, imprisoned in one person. He was fiercely betrayed, protected, cared for and always fired from the hip. He has been a catalyst for many content creators and communities because he has always strived for unity and close connections. I hope he takes care of all of us up there. I miss him terribly. Good night sweet Bobby Red. How lucky I am to have something that makes it so hard to say goodbye.

Mark Karabin, @the_CaNERDian


Bobby had a big personality that needed to be on YouTube, streaming or podcasting. He was a true ambassador for everything related to Nintendo, but more than that, he was the protector of his friends and the community. There are countless podcasts, YouTube channels, and streamers that have been touched or influenced by Bobby’s kind heart and support. He enjoyed raising the spirits of others and encouraging them to gain a voice, and he was a true friend. Talking to Bobby always lifted my spirits. There was nothing more interesting than pushing Bobby’s right button to make him scold you lovingly. I have never laughed as much on a show as I did with Bobby and I will really miss him.

Justin Masson, Dads of nintendo


I was fortunate enough to meet Bobby Pauls almost 5 years ago thanks to our love for Nintendo and the creation of podcasts. You were attracted by Bobby’s infectious energy, enthusiasm and personality. Every time I had to podcast with him, it was like hanging out with a friend you have known for decades; I always lose track of time because it’s not about content creation, but rather about connecting with a friend you haven’t seen in months. I could always count on Bobby to just text me an SMS or DM and ask me how I was doing. Bobby believed in community and that community was family … you always felt welcomed, accepted and included; he genuinely cared. Perhaps this is what I will always remember most in Bobby Paul’s heart, his heart. It’s hard to imagine that he is within a few keystrokes and a phone call. He will be greatly missed.

Roger DiLuigi III, @RogersBase


Bobby was a great community representative and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to discuss Nintendo with him as many times as I did. He was never afraid to hold back in words or ask difficult questions, and this made him an infinitely interesting person to be with and give interviews. Every time I joined him for a discussion, I knew I would have a good time. His presence is one that I will miss very much and one without which the community will undoubtedly be worse.

Rest in peace, Fool.

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