Triangle Strategy Gets A New Gorgeous Trailer

Triangle strategy a little more until the March release, but despite the dubious name, it is definitely on our “long awaited” list. From the team that brought us great Octopath Traveler, this time we can look forward to turn-based tactics that are reminiscent of some of the games of the past developed by Square-Enix.

Nintendo has released a new extended trailer that gives a pretty detailed look at the cast, some of the storylines, gameplay, and of course some pretty nice visuals. If you want to enter the game completely fresh, perhaps it soft spoilersbut overall it does a good job of generating anticipation.

Of course, many of us have played the demo, although the developers have taken into account a lot of feedback; I hope this will meet high expectations.

Are you in awe of the triangle strategy? Let us know in the comments.

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