Trash Quest is a challenging retro platformer

If you like challenging games, you are tempted to throw the controller out of the window, Garbage quest maybe one for your radar. Previously released on PC, small amount User reviews are pretty positive about it as a short, funny and interesting title.

Although it is a metroidvania, it is a small map (the game will probably also have a budget price) in which you always spawn at the same point every time you die. However, you will keep your goodies, so you have a lot of memorization and practice for each difficult screen or boss encounter.

Game progress is saved automatically. There is only one respawn spot where you spawn every time you die. But any bonuses, abilities or shortcuts you unlocked will remain.

It certainly looks like a game aimed at patient gamers looking for trouble – it will hit the Switch online store in December, and the final release date will no doubt be announced shortly.

One for a wishlist?

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