Toy Soldiers HD Delayed For Transition

The last update we had about the upcoming strategy game Toy Soldiers HD – a remake of the Xbox Live arcade game – was delayed until October 21 to fix issues with leaderboards, but the game is now being delayed even further on Nintendo. Switch.

Today, the developers made a statement to their community:

“Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch version is still undergoing testing and will not live until the 21st. We share your disappointment. We pushed ourselves to get a simultaneous release. We believed that we could do it.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game will be out very soon, but we cannot announce an exact date until we finish testing and finalize our launch candidate build. Once completed, we will send it to Nintendo for certification. After that we can announce the release date. “

The game will launch on Xbox, PlayStation and PC on October 21, as planned.

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