Top 10 Skills You Should Get ASAP in Horizon Forbidden West

From a cliff, Aloy aims her bow at a coquina on the beach in Horizon Forbidden West on PS5.

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Forbidden Horizon West, Guerrilla Games’ sumptuous homage to lens flare, is huge – so massive it doesn’t have a skill tree. No, six.

IN Forbidden Horizon West, you play as Ela, a young woman who wields the bow of the dead eye. You can expand Aloy’s toolbox in half a dozen categories: warrior (improves melee skill) catcher (makes traps on the battlefield a bit more effective) hunter (essentially a universal tree), survivor (helps Aloy stay alive longer) scout (unlocks wet work tech and abilities worthy of Mission impossible), as well as machine master (train dinosaur robots as if they were pokemon).

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Each individual tree, with the exception of the hunting tree, has more than two dozen individual skills, three broad, conveniently organized by size categories:

  1. Small round knots give passive gains. They sometimes appear multiple times in the skill tree or as perks associated with certain armor sets. Bonuses add up.
  2. The large triangular nodes are active abilities, usually weapon moves that drain energy. endurancewhich recharges automatically and quickly.
  3. Slightly larger, equally triangular, but also inverted knots are the so-called “bursts of prowess”, extremely powerful changes to the game, designed to get you out of your predicament. (If Aloy were part of the MOBA roster, bursts of valor would be her “ultimate”.) You create valor meter, defeating enemies. Once full, you can press R1 to activate any burst of valor you have. They can be upgraded twice.

Forbidden Horizon West awards skill points at a fast pace – yes, you get them for leveling up, but also for completing almost all activities, from main missions to additional mini-games – but it will take you a long time to complete the tree. For perspective: by the time I rolled credits, 50+ hours, I unlocked maybe two-thirds of the available skills. What’s more, once unlocked, there’s no way to reassign skills, making planning your jump build even more imperative. To that end, here are 10 that you should unlock ASAP.

The Horizon Forbidden West scout skill tree shows all three types of abilities.

Screenshot: Sony/Kotaku

Overshield (Survivor)

Overshield, burst of valor, this is exactly what gives you a temporary shield. At first, it’s nothing more than a temporary cooldown on your health meter, but when it reaches its maximum, it will give you 400 extra health, reflect a fifth of all melee damage, and explode when depleted, dealing shock damage to all nearby enemies. . Overshield is especially useful in the early levels when your health pool is so low that activating it can essentially double your health bar—well, until you run out of Valor.

Stealth stalker (scout)

Whether or not you’re planning on building a sneaky build, you’ll want to invest in stealth stalker, a burst of prowess that hides you temporarily. Of course, this is a moderately useful burst of prowess for combat. If things get hectic, you can put it on and disappear from view, giving you a chance to catch your breath. (In my experience, I’ve found it to be more effective against machines than humans.) But it’s an extremely useful burst to activate. outside fight. First, it allows you to set traps without the risk of detection. Secondly, it’s invaluable for a rare mission, including one in which you have to track down a pterodactyl robot undetected, which requires a more quiet approach.

Plant Gatherer (survivor)

Technically you can heal yourself in Forbidden Horizon West by drinking potions, but they cost precious resources to make and take a few seconds to consume. It is much more useful to heal yourself using the game’s characteristic healing mechanic: by pressing the directional button, you will consume the berries from your bag. Healing works automatically in the background, meaning you can still move, dodge, and attack while regenerating health. plant collector increases the amount of resources you earn Horizonedible vegetation – such as bright blue medicinal plants – so you get two berries instead of one. Of course, this saves time during exploration, but it saves lives in the heat of combat, ensuring that you don’t have to waste battles plucking every single plant just to survive.

Equipped Shot (Infiltrator)

Bonded Shot it’s an explosion – literally. Nothing helped me in everything Forbidden Horizon West more than this combat ability, which is so good that it should probably be considered as one of the words in the game’s name. Equipped shot transforms any equipped shooting bows– a class of long-range, slow-shooting, who act like snipers – into a rocket launcher. By aiming your well-aimed shot and holding R1, you will direct an arrow with a small bomb at the end. The longer you hold R1, the more ammo it eats, but also the more damage it does, even killing some low-level enemies in one hit when fully charged. A point-blank shot drains roughly half your stamina meter in one use, but you can always invest in stamina-boosting skills later to make up the difference.

Fast Catcher (Trapper)

Once you unlock both levels fast hunter, a perk that reduces the time it takes to set a trap, you can place traps in a second apartment. Defeating high level machines depends on placing the right traps in the right place and bringing them back to cover. A funny thing about these high-level machines is that they always seem to be turning. right at the most inopportune moment. It is best to minimize your time outdoors.

Nora Warrior (Warrior)

First, Aloy’s melee attack pool is quite limited, consisting of two moves – a light attack and a heavy attack – and exactly zero combos. But adding skill points to a warrior tree can unlock several combos, the most useful of which is burrow warrior. Once unlocked, you can combine three light attacks into a heavy attack for a combo that can knock down smaller enemies. After an enemy is knocked down, you can press R1 to critical hita spear attack that deals significant damage (and even more if you choose to invest in a warrior tree). critical strike+ skill).

Three Focus Bonuses (Hunter)

Forbidden Horizon West has a sort of Bullet Time for his arsenal of bows and arrows. Personally, I call it Bowlet Time, but the game officially considers this ability concentration. By zooming in, you can slow down time by a few seconds. You can increase the effectiveness of the perk with three skills, all of which are found in the hunter tree: deep concentrationcausing Bowlet’s time to drain more slowly; concentration regeneration, which minimizes the time required to recharge; as well as concentration+which increases your overall reserves. Forbidden Horizon Westaiming can be finicky, especially in hectic fights. You’d better spend as much time as possible in slow motion, where it’s easier to take accurate shots.

Penetrating Rope (Catcher)

You will quickly find tightrope walker, which allows you to bind and, thus, immobilize most machines. Weapons are much more effective with penetrating rope ability. While this eats up a lot of stamina, you can attach ropes to any part of the machine, and you can do this without spending time pulling the string all the way back, giving your target a chance to get out of the way. In addition, the penetrating rope does not eat up ammunition. (Ropecaster ammo is one of the most resource-hungry in the game.) You don’t need to have this move in your toolbox right away, but trust me: once you get to the point where flying enemies are par for the course, you definitely want to have it. you was.

You can’t go wrong with any of the above (he said, approving the advice he had already vociferously endorsed). But then again, there is no way to reallocate skill points once they have been assigned. I suggest waiting until you get to barren light, Forbidden Westit’s the first real settlement, just to get you started on how you play and figure out what skills you need to unlock to keep that playstyle alive.

And if you want to quickly build your skill tree, focus on relic ruins, environmental puzzles devoid of any fighting. Each one rewards you with two free skill points as well as a whopping 5,000 XP, which is essentially a free level up at the start of the game. Fair warning, though: some relic ruins are complete bullshit, and unfortunately there’s no skill to make them any easier.

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