Tony and Clyde want to rewrite the Shoot ‘Em Up book

What happens if you grab a can of ’90s movie references, toss it into a bowl of intense gameplay, and light it up with crude humor and deep storytelling? You get Tony and Clyde!

V Tony and Clyde The development saga began around the end of 2019 and grew out of a core seed: the apartment scenes from Pulp Fiction. Yes, many of you will receive many of the links that we used to inspire ourselves and develop this game, which ultimately led to a unique storyline that we are now proudly launching on Xbox platforms.

But make no mistake, creating a creative project is not a linear path. When moving from point A to point B, there were many possible outcomes. What you can play today on Xbox One will go to your brain, heart, and gut!

Starting from the guts, into Tony and Clyde you will face a challenging gameplay. Easy to learn, hard to master. Our team made sure to add a kill counter to the rating screen for all of us to enjoy together.

Tony and Clyde

As the story unfolds, we will penetrate your hearts. Now … this is where we go on thin ice in this article. It’s hard to delve into this story without adding spoilers, so let’s just say this about Tony and Clyde: they’re not just thugs from the streets. But they are also not highly skilled criminals or professional robbers. There is more to them than just this …

This intense combination will leave unforgettable memories in your brain as we rewrite the shooter genre book. Now you have to experience the thrilling flight of bullet hell and understand what this game is about. Play today Tony and Clyde Today!

Xbox live

Tony and Clyde

DCF Studios


US $ 19.99

I am sometimes asked who Tony and Clyde are. And I tell them: they are not ordinary thugs from the street. But they are also not highly skilled criminals or professional robbers. NEVER! There is more to them than just that. You see. Some people like a little good life: big heaps of money, glamor of reverence in the streets. Others are addicted to the adrenaline of the ongoing robbery, combined with the smell of freshly burnt gunpowder, followed by the sound of empty shells falling to the ground. And some just like to watch the world burn, especially when they have an empty gas canister in their hands. But Tony and Clyde are different. Why? Well, because Tony and Clyde want the whole package!

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