Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands update makes his best class even better

Clawman says "bring it, damn it" standing in a castle in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands who just got a big patch.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderland not even a month yet, but fresh on the heels release of the first add-on to the gameGearbox developer released the biggest patch for his noisy loot shooter. Let’s break it down.

The key here is to change the way lucky dice function in the game works. As you make your way through the various realms Wonderland, you will find various golden 20-sided dice. By hitting them, you will quickly get loot, but there is more incentive to hunt them down: each die you find increases your luck in loot, which is a characteristic that determines your chances of finding rarer gear. The catch, for at least the last month, has been that dice can only be earned by one character at a time. There are 260 dice.


However, after today’s update, once a die is found, it applies to all characters in your account – there is no need to find them all for all your characters.

The update also tweaks Chaos Chamber, roguelite style endgame mode from Tiny Tina’s Wonderland in which you run through rooms and destroy waves of increasingly difficult enemies. First, enemies should now spawn at a faster rate, solving the problems of higher level players who were killing waves of enemies only to end up standing around waiting for more torments to spawn. Secondly, it increases the difficulty of the mode.

By completing the so-called “Chaos Challenges” in Chaos Chamber, you will be able to unlock new difficulty levels, called “chaos”, with each level unlocked, increasing the health and damage of enemies in exchange for an increase in the chances of rare loot drops. Yesterday, the Chaos cap was 20. Today, that cap has been increased to 35. (However, there is no news yet of a commensurate increase in Chaos Max.) Once you reach Chaos Rank 35, loot has a chance to drop to the new “original” rarity level .

Gearbox has also made a few changes to the Clawbringer class, which is already the strongest in the game. His action skill, melee attack that deals fire damage in a large radius, now deals fire damage in more radius. And the powerful skill “Storm Strike”, when you use an action skill to strike enemies with lightning, no longer has a cooldown. I don’t know why the studio decided to buff the best class of the six available at the moment, but speaking as the head Clawbearer, you will not see complaints from me!

But even these positive effects may pale in comparison to the news that you can now change the name of your pet dragon (and, of course, pets for the Graveborn and Spore Warden classes). After all, nothing compares to the power of friendship.

All of these changes come in addition to dozens of minor tweaks, UI updates, bug fixes, and balance adjustments – nothing particularly drastic, though. the entire list can be read here– ending with the words: “… and much more!”

It is not clear what changes, if any, this line refers to. Gearbox representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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