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Yes EA Squadrons it wasn’t enough on the scale you expected from yours Star Wars flight game, it doesn’t matter: you can always repeat the 1994 classic TIE Fighter, which he now has much improved visuals and some other modern modifications instead.

What you are looking for here is TIE Fighter: Total Conversion, which is not really the case the original TIE Fighter. Instead, it’s a mod for its sequel, 1999’s X-Wing Alliance, bringing the menus and missions of the original game into a more robust engine, after using more mods above that one (u X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project) to make everything look better.

Having developed over the years, the project was finally released over the weekend, and it’s so much more than just “TIE Fighter with better lighting”. Because this had to be rebuilt in another whole game, the developers decided to take the opportunity to mix it up with the original, and they devised a “reinvented” campaign that goes for 37 missions and adds “more ships, bigger battles [and] in some cases completely new missions. “

The soundtrack has also been remastered, widescreen adjustments are available and there is also VR support. Although it is important to note that both those reinvented missions and the soundtrack are optional improvements; you can always play the original campaign and listen to the old MIDI soundtrack if you want.

I love TIE Fighter so I came back recently and I reviewed it, so if you want a summary because it is one of the best PC games ever made, you can check it out here:

It’s amazing how much this game holds up. Yes, visuals can seem basic in this post-Squadrons world (the polygons of the 1994 edition are muddy and the 1998 edition has some less annoying ones), but in terms of how you manage them, how you carry out the missions, you don’t feel it – in the usual way of PC games 90s – that you’re playing something slow, too complicated, obtuse or confusing.

You fall into a huge space battle, you fly around with smooth-as-butter controls, you make use of a dynamic but incredibly simple energy mechanic, you pull some stuff, you move on. It is, for what the genre requires, almost everything it needed to be. He gave you enough systems to make the clothes jump, not enough to confuse you, and then he made the fight as fast and exciting as he needed to be.

I think that’s the reason, above all else (even the joystick drop), that the genre of space combat is gone. Why Wing Commander focused on the presentation, not the game. Why Tie Fighter’s follow up, X-Wing Alliance, is never mentioned in the same breath. Because even Squadrons, with all its support and rearview, is more of an arena shooter than a true sim space.

Why Tie Fighter it was almost perfect. It was everything a space shooter ever needed to be. And it always is.

If you want to try, you will need a copy of both X-Wing Alliance and u X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project mod before you start.



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