This Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Randomiser moves everything around and steals your items

As for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the modding scene was nothing short of impressive. Over the past few years, fans have been busy creating all sorts of variations of Hyrule, including entire unofficial DLC packs and all sorts of chaotic changes to the base game, and this latest effort is another impressive addition.

Famous modder Breath of the Wild Waikuteru comes back to it again, this time creating a randomizer that mixes things up and should keep even the most seasoned players on their toes. Unveiled today during its YouTube premiere, the new mod randomizes the items you find, the items that NPCs give you, and the enemies themselves. Even warping through the Sheikh slate or entering and exiting sanctuaries can be randomized too – who knows where you end up!

But this is only a small part. Weikuter tells us that the project took “hundreds of hours of work” and gives us a list of some of the most impressive randomizer features. You can find the list below; note that the randomizer can steal items from your bag without warning, give or take your rupees, make Lynels and Guardians just appear anywhere, heal or damage you at any time, and much more. It sounds crazy

“I built a new system that I called the Randomizer Loop. This loop will appear randomly and choose one of many, many options that will change your game on the fly. The longer the randomizer cycle does not start / select an option, the higher the likelihood, which ultimately results in a 100% likelihood.

Randomizer – Spawn: This will make enemies appear all over Hyrule – these enemies have randomized weapons too. The selected option can be canceled.
Randomizer – ban: Will establish prohibitions such as preservation, deformation, use of shrines, eating, drinking, killing time, etc. The selected option can be canceled.
Randomizer – Time: The time will change on the fly, which will change the weather, lighting and enemy behavior (such as sleeping) and the NPC’s schedule.
Randomizer – Wednesday: Modifies the environment, such as setting everything on fire (such as the Eldin volcano), making it cold (such as the Gebra Mountains) or hot (Gerudo Desert). A special so-called “palette” such as Lost Woods fog (including music), total darkness, sandstorm, etc. can also be set.
Randomizer – take equipment: One of the player’s equipment will be removed from his bag, which can lead to dangerous situations and increase excitement.
Randomizer – Money: A random amount of rupees will be lost or credited to the player.
Randomizer – Damage and Healing: Can damage or heal the player.
Randomizer – Get Item: The player will receive the item. This can include anything, such as small swords, large swords, spears, shields, bows, armor pieces, fruits, meat, insects, plants, etc.
Randomizer – Warp: Will move the player to different spawn points. This can also include moving the player to another world. For example, from the ordinary world to the divine beast.

Waikuteru plans to release the mod for free this Christmas, although as with any fan mod like this, we must warn you that this is not officially approved by Nintendo. That said, seeing what fans can do will always impress us, and this mod, in particular, sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

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