This Ultra-Rare Copy Of The Original Zelda NES Just Sold For $ 870,000

Update [Sat 10th Jul, 2021 07:30 BST]: Well, it’s official – a week later the same Legend of Zelda NES cartridge was sold for $ 870,000 USD. This not only exceeds the amount sold by Super Mario Bros., but also makes it the highest video game ever sold at auction. It’s a lot of rupees.

Original article [Sun 4th Jul, 2021 14:00 BST]: Not so long ago, a super-rare version of Super Mario Bros. sold by $ 660,000 at auction, and now it is The Legend of ZeldaIt’s your turn.

Yes, in the stupid world we live in now, people are buying retro game cartridges that are hard to find for insane sums of money. A 1987 copy of the classic NES Zelda – which is a sealed version of the ninth “Rev-A” sealed product produced only for a few months – has already surpassed $ 110,000 in offers, with five days remaining.

Heritage auction says it may be the only copy of this particular cartridge will be always have the opportunity to offer. The only other Legend of Zelda cart that is rarer than the “NESTM” version – which is the “real first production run”. It is believed that there is only one sealed copy of this that exists and it cannot be said that it would even be for sale.

While many of us might not be able to fork out so much for a copy of the original Legend of Zelda, there’s no need to worry – for much smaller amounts you can always purchase a second-hand copy, or simply launch the NES library from Nintendo on the Switch and play Link’s original release here.

Heritage Auctions also has one Nintendo’s World Championship quality car even to take.

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