This copycat among us is more popular than the original

Cartoon geese fall to the ground in Goose Goose Duck.

Image: Gaggle Studios

Goose Goose Duckis a social deduction game populated by lazy geese, apparently customizable farts– breaks the Steam charts. The game is coming from 2021, released after Among usshadow in the shape of a crew memberbut his recent surge in popularity is not due to an inexplicable renewed interest in the role of a detective, but to K-pop.

At least that’s how it seems to have started. The game, which involves completing a mission with teammates while trying to expose a traitor (or “Amangusta” as one of the Steam reviews puts it), was made on a member of BTS. Kim “V” Tae HyunX Weverse flowwhere he plays multiplayer games like autumn boys with fans, back in November.

Weverse is the Patreon version of Korean entertainment company Hybe Corporation, essentially a video. for fans to interact with BTS and each other after they pay a membership fee. And they pay. By December 5th Taehyung Goose Goose Duck the stream has already garnered over 8 million views on the fan app, a Korean gaming magazine. Meka game reports. These views had a real impact. After the game’s debut on Weverse, the number of players has increased dramatically – from about 4,000 players in November to 61,000 in December.

“10 days after V’s broadcast, Goose Goose Duckthe number of users has increased five times, and in about two weeks it has increased more than 10 times. Meka game the article says.

But Tae-hyung didn’t air Goose Goose Duck since November, and the game is only getting more popular. On January 2, the massive demand for players forced the developers to improve server performance. game also recently hit its all-time high on January 5th with 563,677 concurrent players, SteamDB Indicates. Compared, Among us peaked at 447,476 concurrent players two years ago. And that’s despite Taehyung stream this game in november, too much. So maybe K-pop doesn’t have a golden touch. Maybe people just really like geese.

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